All this Heart Squad technology is available on Android and Apple iOS.

The Heart Squad: Personal ECG is very small stand-alone ECG machine that can be used by itself or through a free App sending your ECG to the Heart Squad: Health Concierge service.

The Heart Squad: Daily Check is a tiny elaborate monitor machine that will monitor:

    1. ECG,
    2. Holter,
    3. Sp02,
    4. Pedometer,
    5. Temperature,
    6. Blood Glucose,
    7. Blood Pressure,
    8. Sleep Apnea, and
    9. Medication reminders

all in one device.  You can send all this date through your cell phone, computer or show it to your doctor on your next visit.  When you send Daily Checks to our Heart Squad: Health Concierge through a free App we will monitor and notify you and your doctor of changes with which your doctor is concerned.

The AliveCor ECG is a thin ECG machine that can stick on the back of your cell phone which will send your ECG to the Heart Squad: Health Concierge through a free App.

The Heart Squad: Health Concierge is a proven medical monitoring group operated by certified technicians, nurses and doctors that received all the monitoring data from your device, analyzes it and replys back to you via SMS text with an action plan telling you what you need to do next. This is live human interaction that can receive, understand and read your data even when computers can’t.   This service can bill insurance and Medicare for your test with your doctors prescription.

The Heart Squad technology is designed to give you the most easily accessible diagnosis focusing on your heart.