Our Heart Squad: Health Concierge works as your back office.  We monitor, analyze, respond to your patient’s and then send data the doctor for diagnosis and/or treatment.

What the doctor does: you hook up the patient in your office.  You charge them the office visit and the hook up charge. You advise your patient when to run the ECG; usually at the first sign of their symptom.   After the patient takes their ECG, we send you the patients ECG, you confirm our assessment with your diagnosis.  You charge for the hook up and the diagnosis.

What Heart Squad does: We do all the customer service for your patient.  We contact them after you give the patient their device.  We walk them through how to download the App for their cell phone.  We teach them how to use the device and the App and then how to send their ECG.  After the patient sends their ECG we assess the ECG and reply to the patient with action steps what to do regarding their ECG.  Then we send the ECG to you, there doctor for your final diagnosis.

ECG hook up, monitoring and diagnosing the test from the Heart Squad: Health Concierge is reimbursed by Medicare and private insurers. The ICD and CPT codes for testing are on the prescription based on your patients’ needs.