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A Heart Phone with Heart Squad: Health Concierge

If you have any cardiac concerns like; lightheadedness, fainting, collapse, dizziness flutter or pain in your chest, you may have existing heart problems.  You may also have occasional symptoms and not even think the are related to your heart.  26.6 million people have heart disease.  326,200 have a cardiac arrest each year.  1.5 million have a heart attack each year.  You may be in the other half of America that doesn’t die, haven’t had a cardiac arrest or heart attack, but are at serious risk.  The only way to know is to carry an ECG machine around with you.

Carrying an ECG machine with you is now possible with one of our Heart Phone devices.  You can attach some of them to your cell phone or put them in your pocket or purse.  When you have a symptom that your doctor wants you to record, touch your fingers on the electrode pads and record your ECG.  The ECG is stored on the App of your cell phone or tablet computer until you want to send it to your Heart Squad: Health Concierge for assessment.

When you’re Heart Squad: Health Concierge receives your ECG, they will evaluate it and reply back to you with their assessment and the action plan you should take regarding your ECG.  We will also send your ECG to your doctor for his diagnosis and records.

Never before has this life saving technology been so convenient.  Saving lives is why we made it.  We want to help your doctor save your life.