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Your Source for Patient-centered Cardiac Care

Heart Squad Monitoring Center provides remote heart monitoring services for patients wanting the assurance of 24/7/365 cardiac care. We are a privately-held Medicare-Certified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. Our medical equipment is second to none and includes only trusted heart monitors for patients needing Holter and Cardiac Event Monitoring and FDA-approved devices.

Heart Squad is committed to working closely with patients and doctors to determine the best and most cost-effective device and services for their heart monitoring needs. 

Doctors and Clinical Staff:  To speak with a clinician about scheduling a meeting or demo of services, please call us at (310) 939-7654

About Heart Squad Cardiac Monitoring

Heart Squad started first as a Holter monitoring service.  Heart Squad has evolved into an ambulatory cardiac monitoring service for patients needing all modalities of diagnostic outpatient arrhythmia ECG monitoring and Remote Patient Monitoring. Our service delivery platform is customized to the needs of our patients, and includes prompt access to clinical and support staff 24 hours a day.

-2013 invented the EPI Mobile ECG, with 24/7 ECG Monitoring because traditional holter yields 15% effectiveness.  85% of the time Holter does not work. 

-2015 Medicare IDTF Status

-2018 Accept all PPO Insurance

-2020 Added Remote Patient Monitoring with monitoring and devices for: ECG, Holter, Blood Glucose, Pedometer, Blood Pressure, Temperature, SpO2, and Sleep Apnea

-2021 Added AI ECG Analysis Technology

For each of our patients, clinics and physician practices, we appreciate your loyalty and share your commitment to quality, patient-centered attentive care.

Thank you.