Heart Squad is an approved cardiac monitoring center that provides CE and FDA approved ECG monitors that can be purchased or billed to Medicare or your PPO insurance company. Each ECG monitor works separately or through our free APP in your ipad, smart phone or computer.  You can send each parameter monitored to the Heart Squad: Health Concierge for our doctor to diagnose, or send to your doctor.  Take the RPM Prescription or ECG Prescription to your doctor to receive a FREE monitor.

Heart Squad’s ECG series covers almost all home and sports needs.  Products include handheld, wearable single-lead and multi-lead monitors.  Our newest and most accurate algorithm is in the AI-ECG.   

Heart Squad: Health Concierge

The Health Concierge is our Monitoring Center.  Our Health Concierge is staffed by Certified Cardiovascular Technicians, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.

We monitor you and reply back usually to your cell phone via text. This is the fastest way to communicate.

If you have elected to receive a no charge monitor billing Medicare or your PPO insurance company, this service is included at no charge.

If you elected to purchase a monitor not going through insurance, you can pay separately for each monitoring interaction or diagnosis.