Visual Beat Holter Monitor


An ECG holter recorder that can be used anytime and anywhere, compact and easy to carry, suitable for use during sports and work.



  1. Designed for sports

  2. Two wearing modes with a chest strap or electrodes

  3. 30s~24h heart rate monitoring

  4. 30s~30min ECG recording

  5. User-defined alarm triggered by High-Low heart rate level

  6. View and record real-time ECG on App

  7. Compatible with GARMIN watch

Keep Moving, keep monitoring

  1. Up to 24 hours of heart rate monitoring, 30 minutes of ECG recording, long time period recording suitable for sports people.
  2. Ant+ Connection: Can be connected with Ant+ compatible devices, such as GARMIN watch; Can check the user’s heart data at any time without a smartphone.
ProductViatom ER-1/visual beatViatom ECG recorder with AI analysis
Main FunctionHeart Rate & ECGECG holter monitoring
Heart Rate30s~24h Monitoring/
ECG Duration30s~30min24 hours Holter
Battery Running Time72Hrs48Hrs
ApplicationSportsClinical use
PC Software/Yes
Montior dataMonitor the heart rate and ECG in real timeProfessional medical ECG measurement and analysis
Data ReviewView and record real-time ECG on AppSupport data saved as PDF report and emailed to your doctor
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ECG Recording In AppUp to 30 minutes for each session
Charge Time2-3 hours
Battery TypeRechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Heart Rate Range30 bpm ~ 250 bpm (bpm: beat per minute)
Heart Rate Recording In DeviceUp to 10 sessions / 30 hours, up to 24 hours for each session
WirelessBluetooth 5.0, compatible with 4.0
Storage in-appUnlimited
Dimension3.94'' x 0.91'' x 0.33'' (main unit)
Weight18g (main unit)

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 12.7 × 7.62 cm


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