O2 Kids™ Wearable Ring Oximeter



Design for kids;
Medical grade sensor,and silicone material;
8 hours continuous measurement;
Built-in battery power supply.
A wearable ring oximeter for ages 3-10 years that measures blood oxygen, heart rate and body movements.

  • Specially designed for children.
  • Automatically detects and records the oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate, and body movements every second during sleep and daily life.
  • APP and device alarm will remind you of low oxygen saturation. You can turn on/off the reminder and adjust the audio volume on your mobile APP and the device separately.
  • Connected the free iOS/Android APP via Bluetooth, check real-time blood oxygen, heart rate, and PI, track the detailed historical data.
  • Export, print and share the PDF/CSV format oximetry reports from free PC software and Mac app.



  1. Soft silicone ring, more comfortable
  2. Track SpO2 and Pulse Rate continuously
  3. Audible reminder for Low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate detection
  4. Adjust volume and threshold of reminder on App
  5. IP64 protection

About KidsO2

— Suitable for users aged 3-10 years.
— Patented medical-grade ring: silicone material, soft and non-allergenic to human skin.
— Supports exporting data in PDF/CSV format via Bluetooth to APP and PC software.
— How long the blood oxygen saturation is below 90%, how many times it drops over 4% and even the exact value can be viewed on the APP.

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Battery TypeRechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc
Battery Run Time:14-16 hours
Measure Interval1 second
Built-in memory4 sections, up to 10 hours each section
Oxygen Level Range70%-99%
Pulse Rate Range30 to 250 bpm
Dust and Waterproof RatingIP24
Recorded ParametersOxygen levels, pulse rate, motion
Dimension1.5'' x 1.2'' x 1.5''


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