Checkme™ Pod Professional Handheld Oximeter


Checkme Pod

An pulse oximeter that can be held in hand to measure and view data conveniently

  • Real-time monitoring of oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index, body temperature
  • Highly visible interactive touchscreen display
  • 24-hour patient data management by mobile devices via Bluetooth and USB
  • Automatically save the data when the measurement is stopped
  • Easily save the current data by clicking the save button
  • Rotate screen display, freely switch the screen display direction
  • Using multi-function adapter, to measure blood oxygen and body temperature at the same time



  1. Accurate detection for SpO2, pulse rate and pulse wave
  2. Precise body temperature measurement
  3. Screen display rotation for vertical or horizontal monitoring position
  4. Built-in rechargeable battery
  5. Support App & PC software

About Checkme™ Pod

— Checkme™ Pod uses an external SpO2 probe and a temperature probe to monitor SpO2,PR, PI, and body temperature in real time.

— When connected to an application via Bluetooth, Checkme™ Pod can become a mobile wireless display.

— Rotatable Touchscreen Display

Record and Track

Bluetooth connected to Checkme™ Pod, you can view the test data instantly on your phone.

Long-term recording of data and support for export and sharing


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Battery Run Time5h
Battery TypeBuilt-in rechargeable lithium battery
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C
PI Range0.5-15

2.4 Touch screen

PR Accuracy±2 bpm or ±2%
PR Range30-250 bpm
Measurement ParametersSpO2, PR, PI, temperature
SPO2 ACCURACY (ARMS)80-100%:±2%, 70-79%:±3%
SpO2 Range70% to 100%
Dimension3.23'' x 2.17'' x 0.51''
WeightLess than 2.19oz/62g

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 12.7 × 7.62 cm


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