What is the HeartPhone

The Heart Phone is a small device with built in electrodes that you can attach to your cell phone or put in your pocket.  It is small and lightweight.  You do not need to prepare it in any way, it is always ready to use.  You will simply place any finger of the right hand and any finger of the left and on the  attached electrodes and the device records your ECG.

The Heart Phone technology is available on a number of platforms including the Android, iOS and Blackberry.

The Heart Phone: Health Concierge is operated by technicians and doctors who receive the ECG from your device,

The Heart Phone: Mini is very small stand-alone ECG machine that can be used by itself or through an App sending your ECG to the Heart Phone: Health Concierge service.

The Heart Phone: ECG Check is a thin ECG machine that when added onto your cell phone can send your ECG to the Heart Phone: Health Concierge through an App.

Mobile ECG (coming soon)

The Heart Squad Heart Phone technology is designed to give you the most easily accessible diagnosis for your heart.

EPI Mini

ECG Check

Mobile ECG

Heart Phone :
Health Concierge

What is your HeartPhone: Health Concierge

You will have your own Heart Phone: Health Conciergewho will be receive your ECG from your Heart Phone device, assess the ECG and reply back to you via SMS text as to his/her assessment as well as brief action steps advising you what to do based on your ECG

Some devices also come with Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure collected data that will be transmitted to your Concierge to make a more informed decision.  Your Heart Phone: Health Concierge also sends you ECG to your healthcare professional per their instructions

Heart Phone: Health Concierge is a proven heart monitoring group that received all the heart data from your device, diagnosis it and replys back to you with an action plan telling you what you need to do next. This is live human interaction that can pick up, understand and read your ECG when computers cant.   This service can bill insurance and Medicare for your test.