Heart Phone Service

Record Accurate ECGs


Clinical studies have demonstrated that the Heart Phone  recordings are comparable to readings from Lead 1 of standard ECG machines and 98 as accurate as a 12 lead ECG machine, at a fraction of the time or cost. Studies have demonstrated that Heart Phone is a viable alternative to a traditional transtelephonic monitor (TTM) for monitoring patients with any cardiac symptom.  92 of patients surveyed preferred Heart Phone to a TTM.

Informed clinical decisions

The Heart Phone and App can be used to capture ECGs anytime, anywhere in a more flexible way than traditional heart monitors, which may have a short recording window, uncomfortable leads and no immediate display. The Heart Phone: Health Concierge acts as your 24/7/365 back office helping inform clinical decision-making through immediate analysis and advice to your patients based on the AHA and the ACC.

Simple for your patients

The Heart Phone System was designed specifically for patients to give them an easy way to self-manage and track their symptoms. Patients can use the Heart Phone Monitor and Heart Phone App to get real-time information about their ECG from our FDA-cleared device.  And our Heart Phone: Health Concierge easily shares their ECGs and insights with their healthcare professional. Intermittent symptoms, post procedure monitoring and atrial fibrillation are some of the common reasons for Heart Phone.  Many doctors remark on the ease of use, low cost, portability, and — most importantly — the peace of mind they enjoy with the Heart Phone service.