Heart Phone: ECG Check

ECG Check

The Heart Phone: ECG Check is a small thin state-of-the-art ECG device that connects to your cell phone and includes the Heart Squad: Health Concierge, which is an Insurance and Medicare reimbursable ECG test now available for a no cost full reimbursement with prescription.

The Heart Squad: Health Concierge enhances your ECG testing option by incorporating a 24/7 monitoring center that reply’s to the patient within 10 minutes after reading the patients ECG with action steps based on AHA and ECC recommendations.

This comprehensive solution enables you to assess periodically and at the time of symptom, allowing you to determine the best overall risk management strategy for your patients.

With the Heart Phone: ECG Check,  Heart Squad offers you:

  • A state-of-the-art ECG system with high-fidelity trace quality, diagnostic ECG grid, customized protocols, full disclosure, network connectivity, wireless and laser printer options, and compatible with most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems.
  • The Device: A simple, non-invasive test that can easily become part of your doctor’s clinical diagnosis of your heart. It is 2.5”W x 4” L x ¼ D and sticks to the back of your cell phone.
  • The Application: The free App for your cell phone that records and stores all your
    ECGs.  Then the App sends the ECGs on to your Heart Phone: Health Concierge.
  • The Heart Phone: Health Concierge receivesyour ECG, sent from the App on your cell phone or tablet, and is committed to reading the data and texting back to your cell phone your diagnosis and action steps.
  • EMR support including PDF, HL7 and DICOM data formats to streamline clinical workflow
  • Take the Patient Enrollment Form/Prescription to your doctor to sign and return it to your Heart Squad: Health Concierge
  • Heart Phone: ECG Check Brochure
  • Heart Phone: ECG Check Specifications

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Take the Patient Enrollment Form/Prescription to your doctor to sign and return it

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